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Top Thriving Health and Wellness Tips to Lead a Better Life

Health and personal well being has become an important factor today, people are investing more in health and fitness. The fast track life, these days, has also led to health problems, stress etc. Hence, healthy living has become need of the hour.

To help people achieve their fitness goals, we have listed down top health and wellness tips to lead a better life. Do have a look.

1. Meditation

do meditation

Starting your day on a meditative note is the best way to welcome positive throughout.  Daily 15 minutes of morning meditation will transform your outlook towards life and give you long lasting enthusiasm to carry your every job with zeal.

2. Drink lots of water

drink more water

Drinking lots of water is essential for a healthy physical health. Water is a nutrient essential for our body to compensation for the daily fluid loss in the form of sweat, urine, stools breathing and skin evaporation. Water keeps our skin hydrated. One must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

3. Eat healthy

While drinking lots of water is a must, healthy food is essential to provide essential nutrients to our body. Start your day by eating healthy green vegetables. Eat fruits, fish and chicken (for non-vegetarians). Avoid eating junk and oily food. You can make a breakfast and meals chart and follow it religiously.

4. Drink healthy  

drink healthy juice and tea

Drinking healthy juices, green tea is totally refreshing and healthy. Green tea has a lot of health benefits and hence, one must drink green tea in the morning as well as evening. It is the best replacement for our regular tea. Juices provide healthy nutrients to our body. Drinking orange juice gives lots of Vitamin C to our body. Beetroot juice is good for preventing diseases like cancer.

5 The art of time management

manage time

Managing time is a skill which, very few people are able to master. But, the ones who are struggling to manage time can also learn to better their situation by learning and mastering time management skills.

6. Go out and breathe some fresh air

breath fresh air

A change in the environment is a must for the healthy functioning of our body. You must go out and breathe fresh air. Walks, hangouts and entertaining outlets like movies, malls etc., are a good way for giving yourself a healthy distraction.

7. Meet your friends

meet friends for happy life

Meeting friends and spending time with them not only increases your social connect but it also boosts your confidence as you have pals to count on and share your worries if any. One should, therefore, find time to meet friends from their hectic schedule.

8. Listen to happy music

listen to good music

Music has been scientifically proved to be a very good stress buster and a mood lifter. Listen to your favourite music and keep your mood jolly, but do not rely on music to be happy, let it come from within.

9. Body posture and confidence

sit straight body posture

A straight body posture is a sign of confidence while a bent one indicates lack of it. Hence, one should sit erect and practice it regularly. It will give your body a positive look and will also increase your confidence.

10. Sleep better at night

sleep better at night

A good night sleep is a must for the sound health of your body. One should sleep for at least eight hours every night. Lack of sleep can make you dull and gloomy. 

11. Take a CPR or First Aid class

take a cpr class

Knowing basic CPR and first aid treatment can help to tackle situations of sudden emergency. One should, therefore, be prepared for life’s unforeseen events.

12. Play a sport

play a sport for better health

Indulging into sports is a healthy exercise that will make your body strong. Enrol into your favourite sport and play it regularly or at weekends.


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