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Thrive Tips: 7 ways to sleep better!

Mental health and physical fitness are the key concerns of people all over the world today. But, we are neglecting the actual reason that contributes to both mental and physical health that is none other than ‘sleep health’. Yes, one of the main reasons for these underlying problems is the lack of sleep and unhealthy sleeping habits of our generation. You might need a better advice, tips and good habits to sleep better at night naturally. 

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Like our mental and physical setup, our sleep cycle needs to function healthily for the overall health of our body. The sleep/wake cycle is called Circadian Rhythm, which is our body’s 24-hour internal clock that makes us feel, both, alert and drowsy at the same time. Running in the background, Circadian Rhythm is responsible for our sleep and alert intervals. Hence, a healthy, sound 7-8 hour sleep can lead to the proper functioning of this cycle and thus contribute to our sound sleep health.

Why ‘sleep’ is essential?

The human body is programmed miraculously and has its mechanism to grow and repair. While during the daytime, our body and brain consume energy and information, the sleep interval is used for processing and storing the information received. Also, the body does it repair and recreation when we are asleep. But, when we do not sleep properly, the sleep cycle is affected and can thus affect the overall functioning of our body. Lack of sleep can affect our metabolism and immunity and also affect our memory.

Hence, we need proper 7-8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate our body for its healthy functioning. 

Therefore, to promote sleep health, we have listed 7 tips for better sleep, do have a look.

1. Maintain the natural Circadian Rhythm

Maintain nautural rythm to sleep better

As explained above, maintaining the natural Circadian Rhythm must be our first step towards a healthy sleeping habit. For this, timely sleeping for 7-8 hours is essential. Schedule and maintain a time frame during which you will be sleeping and adhere to it.

2. Minimal exposure to light

Improve the sleep quality by having the minimum light exposure

It is scientifically proven that darkness or minimal exposure to light not only reduces the time required to fall asleep but also encourages your body to go to sleep. Low light or darkness creates an atmosphere suitable for a sound sleep. Hence, you must ensure that you have minimal exposure to light while going to sleep.

3. Create a restful environment

Change environment for better sleep

Creating a cozy, dark or dim environment in your bedroom can lead to getting faster sleep. Hence, you can have a cozy, soft bed and a blanket to offer a soft cushion to your soul. Besides, you can install low light bulbs in your room to create that perfect setup for sleeping better. For the ones who prefer a dark room, your job is 80% percent done as dark environments make you fall asleep faster. You can also cover your face with the blanket for further sleep enhancement. This will surely give you a sound sleep and you will take less time to start dosing!

4. Perform a sleeping ritual

have a nice sleeping habit

While we know that morning prayer can kick-start your day on a spiritual note and make your feel positive throughout the day, do you know that a sleeping ritual, before bedtime, can give you a sound sleep? Yes, you heard it right! If we do a night prayer or a 5-10 minute meditation, it can motivate our body to relax and sleep faster. The prayer can create an atmosphere that will command your brain and create a sleep-promoting atmosphere in your mind. Thus, you will fall asleep faster and sleep better.

5. What you eat and drink matters!

Drinks for better sleep

Your eating and drinking habits have a direct effect on your sleep. There are foodstuffs like nuts, warm milk and dairy products, and a cup of tea, etc. that can make you sleep better. Whole wheat products, oatmeal, and popcorn, etc. can also increase the serotonin levels that contribute to a sound sleep.

While the above-mentioned foods and drinks can enhance your sleep, some can reduce your serotonin levels and thus affect your sleep health. Spicy junk foods can affect your system and steal some hours from your sound sleep. Eating dark chocolate, cheese, caffeine-based drinks like coffee and a heavy burger, etc should be avoided in the night as these will hamper your sound sleep. On the contrary, try the foods and drinks mentioned in the previous paragraph to sleep better!

6. Cut short on daytime naps

Naps vs sleep
This isn’t the first time researchers have found a relationship between napping and better health. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Too many naps during the day and in the afternoon can steal those sleeping hours and thus keep you awake during the night. Hence, you can either reduce the number of daytime naps or avoid them completely to avoid any sleeping issues during the night. It should be noted that naps can be taken on a day when you weren’t able to sleep the previous night due to work or any other reason though such instances must be limited to less to avoid hampering the natural sleep/wake cycle.

7. Daytime exercises are sleep boosters!

Exercises for better sleep

Scientific research has proven that people who exercise daily get sound sleep when compared to others who don’t work out. Also, the severe the workout is, the better is their sleep habits. Hence, a daily daytime workout regime is recommended to sleep better at night! You can also exercise throughout the day as well as before going to sleep. It is kind of a ritual to, both, be fit and sleep well.


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