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List of Cool, Funny and Easy Things to Draw for Beginners or Everyone

Boredom strikes when you least expect it and when it finally does, we seldom have any sort of way to alleviate that feeling of intense lethargy. Doodling has become 21st century equivalent of cave paintings, as scribbling and drawing random nothings on a crisp paper becomes the cheapest form of escapism from the monotony that is our caged lives in a drab society. But doodling and actually drawing a real-world object can be two very different things and I’m sure we all can testify to that, as we have come to realize that drawing is not for everyone. But what if I said that is far from the case and you too can draw some pretty impressive things with absolute ease. Can’t seem to draw that perfect straight line? Are shapes giving you drawing class nightmares?  Put all that behind you as we explore the possibilities of easy, fun drawing with 15 of the easy things to draw for beginners.

Cool and Easy Things to Draw Step by Step When You’re Bored

1. Architecture Designs

cool and easy architecture drawings

You can make fabulously cool pieces of art effortlessly by simply outlining a house, an entire neighbourhood or if you’re ambitious, a famous city skyline to create an almost professional – seeming artistic work. Any sort of lines running through the paper can create an impeccable looking skyline.

2. A random Cartoon Animal

cartoon animal drawing

Drawing animals are always fun as they have a definite shape with most animals being relatively easy to draw. Explore the easy things to draw animals of very common zoo animals like elephants, tigers, lions, deer etc. Can be a very easy task, and also make your drawing better looking by adding textures to the drawn lines.

3. A Heart Symbol

heart love symbol drawing

Hearts are notoriously cool things to draw easy as they qualify as universally accepted symbols for love. Adding a second heart inside an already drawn one makes it look very artsy and provides your drawing with another layer of sophistication.

4. A Bunny

bunny drawing

This incredibly cute animal is incredibly popular and instantly recognizable, but most of all it is an easy draw. The outlay is relatively straightforward with steps including draw a spherical shape and to that, add another spherical shape at the bottom, after that, all that is left to do draw a pair of cute, bunny ears, whiskers, hands and feet for the perfect bunny design. A little coloring makes your bunny even cuter. Don’t forget to add a carrot!

5. A coat hanger

easy things to draw when you are bored

This is a very basic design to draw , with the steps only being to draw a straight line and two bendy lines to make up the shape of the coat hanger. Adding more texture along the lines makes it look like a perfected work. The humble coat hanger can make a great drawing.

6. Pieces of Chalk

Pieces of chalks drawing

What better way to start drawing than a picture of the pioneer of the modern drawing instruments, the humble chalk is a great gateway picture which is one of the easy things to draw for beginners but also include areas to make it a professionals piece of work.

7. Trees

easily draw a tree

The part and parcel of every nature drawing, the art of drawing trees has been perfected through generations and it is paramount to have this technique down to the T. Any tree you picture can be drawn with ease by simply replicating the shape of a real-world tree and as trees are a very common sight, it’s natural design has been engraved in our minds. So let the greenery flow through your drawing.

8. The Moon and the Stars

moon and stars drawing

The drawings we base off nature are often the most well executed and memorable. A very simple drawing of the Moon and the Stars at night has so much intrinsic beauty that our drawing becomes a memorable piece of art.  The ease with which we can complete this drawing further amounts to it’s beauty.

9. Fruits

fruits drawing

The geometric shapes of some fruits, although seemingly challenging, could turn out to be a very fascinating drawing. We just need to remember that nothing is perfect and everything has a flaw, this makes recreating these geometric shapes, very easy.

10. Trophy

trophy drawing

Other than being a universal symbol of significant achievement, a trophy is deceptively one of the easy things to draw for beginners. As we just need to work our way through each shape, providing a dash of texture along the way , to create a very simple yet sophisticated drawing.

11. Flowers

draw flowers easily

Deceptively simpler than animals that inhabit them, the design of a flower is only limited by our own imagination. With such a huge variety of designs at our disposal, we can truly make our mark on the flower we draw. A tip towards drawing the perfect flower is that symmetry between the petals and the lines should be coherent.

12. A Human Mouth

draw human mouth for fun

Although the upward crescent is an extremely easy trick to draw the semblance of a mouth, drawing an actual human mouth is not that hard, as we just need to draw the lips and outline them to provide texture, the teeth could be outlined too if perfection is what you seek.

13. Simple Cartoon Ears

draw cartoon ears

Figure out one of the easy things to draw cartoon ears. The inherent simplicity of drawing an ear is second best to none as there are a plethora of shapes and sizes we can provide the ears to amplify a goofy effect or draw a serious character with small, close-set ears. Drawing ears can be as simple as writing the alphabet, as it alone gives us 26 different shapes to try out.

14. Parsley

draw parsley easily

This seemingly complicated leaf design may seem like a fish out of water here, but the design of parsley has more than what meets the eye. Starting out with a rudimentary, comma-like design and working your way on from there can help you achieve the desired shape in a matter of minutes.

15. Sketches

easy drawing sketches on paper

Drawing quick sketches is acquires skill, and we can start off by sketching the first thing that comes to mind, be it a place, a person or anything for that matter. The beauty of sketches to portray the beauty in the moment makes it special.

These are only a few of the many designs one can incorporate into their drawings and start this fun journey.


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6 thoughts on “List of Cool, Funny and Easy Things to Draw for Beginners or Everyone”

  1. I used to draw horses all the time – or dogs! I like drawing random animals. Granted I am not good. But doesn’t mean I still can’t do it. I also used to draw TREES all the time as well!

  2. I’ve always found it tough to draw sketches. I tried it back in high school, but it just wasn’t my thing. Now, if you ask me to draw a bowl of fruit, well.. that’s simple for me.

  3. I miss drawing, I haven’t drawn for so long because I focused more into writing. These are great ideas…I often see my daughter doodle such! Thanks for the inspiration…

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