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Easy guide to Choose the Best Website Builder 2020 Review

If you want to build a website or design a web page on the internet normally you think about coding or technical skills and this could take much time and investment to do. But that’s not always a way, you can do it smart by using the website builders which are available in 2020.

Website builders vs. hiring a developer

Hiring a web developer to make a custom website could easily cost around $2000. And if you need to make any improvements afterward it can cost extra. The whole process requires much investment and must depend on the developer you hired to make changes on your website.

Whereas the website builders, they are surprisingly powerful and they provide easy drag-drop options, ease-of-use, and customization options for very less price. Which I really like and I prefer to use them over coding or hiring a developer. Because it’s easy and gives you the flexibility to manage the website yourself, understand, and work on your website design which saves the time.

But there are many website builders in the market, you might be confused about which one to choose. So, in this guide, we will help you choose the best website builders by doing their reviews talking about features.

Best Website Builders in 2020 (Review)

We will compare a list of best website builders that I personally used. I will share my review, pros, and cons of each of the website builders I used.

Before choosing a website builder you have to think about the speed, price and usability factor of it. Let’s get started.

1. Site123

It’s very easy to get started, and you can start building your website with ease.

Site123 website builder

Site123 is designed to help non-tech savvy to get online quickly and easily. All of your website development is based on drag and drop functionality which is easy and convenient to build a website.

When you are filling up the sign-up form at site123, it will ask you little information regarding your plan and what type of website you are looking to build such as business, e-commerce, or a blog. Depending on your preference they might suggest a plan. There are actually different pricing plans with each plan has its respective features.

Pros of Site123 Website Builder

#1. Nice dedicated support, they provide support via email and live chat.

#2. Templates are fully responsive on any device like mobile, tablet, or on computer. And there are nearly hundreds of design templates.

And these templates offer easy drag and drop arrangement of elements and editing content.

#3. Easy to find many apps in their app market

#4. Websites built on site123 perform fast and they provide solid up-time of 99% mostly. The website uptime is important for SEO and also for your business, clients, etc.

Cons of Site123 website builder

#1. Pricing. The standard price is good and affordable to start but then bigger plans are really expensive.

#2. Some features are not well in line, like it’s not convenient to change the template once your site goes live. You can change the template but you have to rearrange all the website elements again. It just takes some more time.


Site123 offers various plans, including a free plan with the Site123 branded subdomain. In this free plan, you have limited storage, and this free plan is mostly for personal or blog type of websites.

The paid plan starts from as low as $10.80 per month. When you setting up your account, initially you can have this plan which is called a premium plan. Later depending on the type of a website you like to build the Site123 suggests other plans, those include Advanced plan at $16.80 per month, the professional plane at $22.80 per month, and the expensive gold plan starts at $28.80 per month. The difference between all these plans varies from storage, e-commerce functionality, emails, message list, bandwidth, languages, and payment setup.

2. Wix

Wix website builder is easy to use and everything is based on cloud.

Wix is gaining attention from the recent times, it is competing against popular website builders. They’ve been around for quite a while (circa 2006), and have built a large word-of-mouth brand. Wix is surprisingly easy to use for building a website, they offer all the essential tools you would need. You can use Wix to create almost any type of website.

PROS of Wix website builder

#1. Wix is a respectable company they have many users around the world. You will not go wrong with Wix, it is good to start.

#2. Wix is a fully hosted platform, it includes all the required options like hosting, storage, domain all in one place. Also, Wix offers hundreds of templates to choose from to design your website.

#3. Wix is a great option to build e-commerce stores, they offer many options to set up your e-commerce website. Along with this, you can sell your products, create events, manage the booking and registrations of events and membership functionality for your customers.

#4. Like the apps on your smartphone, Wix comes with a range of free and paid apps that offer additional functionality to your website. Wix also allows third-party developers to create these apps, which means you will have more apps available to choose from.

#5. The Wix site builder performs better than expected. There are a lot of customization options to choose from and you edit your site in a matter of seconds.

CONS of Wix Site Builder

#1. The Wix free account and connected domains will show Wix branded promotions on your website, this can be annoying sometimes if your free website is built for business.

#2. To have an e-commerce online store, it is only available on a bigger plan starting from $20/month

#3. If you decided to migrate from Wix to other platforms or website builder then it could be quite complicated.


You can get a free plan you have to bear the Wix branding on your website and Wix branded subdomain. You can connect a custom domain from $9.16 per month. The Wix combo plan includes a domain and it starts at $14.95 per month and the e-commerce plan costs at $26.25 per month.

We have a special discount for you, to have this discount then just get started with Wix by clicking above link.

3. Sitebuilder

Best performing Website Builder

PROS of Sitebuilder Website Builder

#1. Sitebuilder is used by mostly 200,000 users and it’s no doubt a good choice.

#2. They have made it easier to have the e-commerce plan by promoting and reducing its price by almost 50% off, which is now at $9.22/month.

#3. Unlike Wix, Sitebuilder offers a free domain for the first year and it will not do any branded advertising under any of the plans you chose.

#4. The site builder has good servers, they provide consistent uptime of 99.99% for most of the time.

#5. Sitebuilder offers very friendly support with live chat, support tickets, and email. Their support is quick and responsive.

#6. Sitebuilder is offering a free domain for long term plans for the duration of 12 to 24 months. So, you can choose any plan and make it long term to avail the free domain and an additional 50% off.

CONS of SiteBuilder Website Builder

#1. Sitebuilder doesn’t provide email service included in the plan, but it is possible via google suite which cot an additional $5 per month.

#2. No SSL certificate, you have to try talking with their support on how to have it or pay to an SSL certificate provider service.


Sitebuilder offers a good free plan to start, and they offer you a free domain if you choose a long term plan that has upgrade included for their paid plans. The plans range for pro, premium and e-commerce starting at $3.84 for the pro plan, which is basically for the a simple website to get started, and then the bigger plans have priority support and the e-commerce store functionality. Have a look at the plans in the image below.

I recommend choosing a long term plan which is a minimum of 12 months to get the 60% off on the plan and a free domain. Go to the above link to get the offer directly.

4. Weebly

Weebly is beginner friendly and easy.

Weebly is easy to use website building platform, you just drag and drop the elements to build the website. It completely beginner-friendly and you don’t need to touch or do any coding.

PROS of Weebly Website Builder

#1. Weebly is a fully hosted website building platform, this means you don’t need to go somewhere else or install any software, they take care of hosting, apps and complete interface you would need to build your websites.

#2. Weebly is a very reputable website builder, it has over 30 million users around the world.

#3. Weebly comes with enough web design templates which are complete for your website building and you can easily edit these templates in the Weebly live editor.

#4. The best this about Weebly is it offers a 15-day free trial to test out all the features and get started in building your website.

#5. Weebly site builder includes the contact forms, photo galleries, sliders, and more. This allows you to easily add required features to your website without the need for complicated setup or coding.

#6. The live chat support is good and very efficient.

CONS of Weebly website builder

#1. As the company Sitebuilder, Weebly also partnered with G suite for the email service and that costs $5 per month.

#2. Well the Weebly plans are affordable but the e-commerce plans get little expensive.

#3. Also, a thing which is a bit awkward is that Weebly charges you 3% of every product you sell on your e-commerce site. But you can avoid this by having upgrading to the business plan. Which is not bad, because you will get premium support and other features.

#4. Sometimes the site uptime is a little slow, just average I would say around 99.63%, well that’s little short of what usually expected usually at 99.99% of 100%


Weebly has different pricing plans depending on your website requirements and usage. You can always start for free using the basic plan and later you can figure out bigger plans depending on the features you need for your website.

Their paid plans start from $8 per month billed annually. The pro plan costs $12 per month and the business plan costs $25 per month.

5. Squarespace

Great website designs and ease of use but it’s expensive.

Squarespace is a very popular and fully hosted website builder. It’s up to the mark, based on the many professionals use it for their business.

PROS of Sqaurespace

#1. Squarespace is focused seriously on building store or business, it comes with most of the features included. The enterprise-level features and security are also included.

#2. One best thing here, the Squarespace templates look really good and there are ready for professional use.

#3. Adding content, editing the layouts is easy. It just takes a couple of minutes to set the website’s design.

#4. The e-commerce option offers a nice set of features and interfaces to manage your products and payment methods.

#5. Squarespace stands on their promise, as their website uptime stays at 99.99% most of the time.

CONS of Squarespace

#1. It’s expensive. The standard plan doesn’t have the e-commerce option and the plan with e-commerce i.e Business plane costs around $40 per month.

#2. Well even after getting that business plan, you still have to pay that $5 for an email.

#3. Squarespace’s e-commerce plans only allow Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay for payment processing. It’s complicated to add the additional payment gateways.


Let’s breakdown that expensive pricing of Squarespace. The standard plan costs between $12-$18 and the plan with e-commerce store costs between $26-$40 per month.

6. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name and hosting service provider in the world.

Godaddy is well known for domain name and hosting provider but now GoDaddy also offers a website builder. The GoDaddy website builder is easy and intuitive to use but it’s little limited to design and eCommerce tools. Here’s our take on the GoDaddy Website builder:

PROS of GoDaddy Website Builder

#1. GoDaddy offers a wide range of design features, like the blocks that you can simply drag and drop, and also different design templates according to categories depends on what you will choose.

#2. Talking more about design, GoDaddy has partnered with Getty images so you can get photos to use on your website or upload your own.

#3. Ecommerce is built into the website builder. It is more useful for managing courses, allowing the visitors to book for an event, etc.

#4. GoDaddy website builder offers good up-time of 99.99% and that’s a good thing.

CONS of GoDaddy Website Builder

#1. GoDaddy’s website builder is good but it is not feature-rich like other website builders.

#2. Now coming to the email, here the GoDaddy offers the email with Microsoft Outlook, which is an additional cost.


The personal plan costs $5.99 per month, business plan for $9.99 per month and the business plus plan costs $14.99 per month. And the eCommerce plan starts at $19.99 per month.

7. BigCommerce Website Builder

BigCommerce is one of the most powerful website builder to build an online store.

If you are about to launch an eCommerce store then BigComerce is for you. It comes with all the essential features so that you can make more sales and manage your store effectively.

PROS of BigCommerce

#1. The BigCommerce is a fully hosted website creation solution, which means everything is in one place and you don’t have to look for other services. Like you have updates, security, hosting, and essential apps and templates all at the BigCommerce platform.

#2. Also at BigCommerce, it is flexible to integrate with WordPress, to add more functionality to the website.

#3. BigCommerce provides good premade templates, which is a good choice to start with. All these templates support drag and drop editing for the ease of designing your website.

#4. BigCommerce integrates seamlessly with many payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Ayden, and more.

CONS of BigCommerce

#1. The pricing is a bit high compared to other website builders but for the features you get here, it is somewhat acceptable

#2. Some BigCommerce themes are expensive.

#3. Since it is a fully hosted platform, if you ever plan to migrate then it could be complicated.


Bigcommerce offers 15 days free trial and then you have to choose one of their paid plans. Their basic plan starts at 29.95 per month which includes the main features you need to start your online eCommerce business. To have some special features like Abandoned cart, store credit cards and more then you can upgrade to Plus plan starts at $79.95 per month. If your store is doing really well and want to scale big then there is Pro plan costs $249 per month which has all the advanced features you may need.

The BigCommerce has a little edge over Shopify compared at price, here you are getting unlimited staff accounts wherein Shopify, you only get 3 staff accounts for the same price you pay for BigCommerce. Also, BigCommerce has seamless integration with which is a good way to combine the flexibility of WordPress with the power of BigCommerce.

8. Shopify

The best online store builder is not a drag and drop website builder but you don’t need to do any coding.

Shopify is a website builder mainly specialized in e-commerce and online stores. Especially for dropshipping, Shopify is the heart of drop shippers. It is very popular that it’s used by 1 million users and growing. Shopify is not a complete drag and drop builder, but it is designed somewhat based on WordPress them customization and drag-drop combined. Remember that you don’t need to do coding here.

PROS of Shopify Website Builder

#1. Shopify is a fully hosted website creation solution, which means everything is in one place and you don’t have to look for other services. Like you have updates, security, hosting, and essential apps and templates all in one place.

#2. Shopify offers its own payment gateway called Shopify Payments, but you can also add other payment gateways to process the payments.

#3. As Shopify is specialized in the eCommerce platform it fully offers all the required features including the marketing, inventory, multiple online sales channel, design forms, and themes all under one roof.

#4. Shopify comes provides easy tracking and management of your products, shipping costs, marketing, and stats management tools.

CONS of Shopify Website Builder

#1. If you want to move or migrate your website from Shopify, then this might be complicated.

#2. If you change the theme of your website, then the content doesn’t reformat, you have to update it again.


Shopify’s basic plan will cost you $29 per month which comes with 2 staff accounts. You can upgrade it to Shopify at $79 per month which has 5 staff accounts and professional reports. If your store is growing big and wants to scale it further then you can upgrade to Advanced Shopify costs at $299 per month plan.

9. Gator by HostGator

HostGator is one of the most popular domain registration and web hosting company.

Their website builder Gator is new but it’s gaining popularity because of its all-in-one website building and web hosting solution. It’s perfect for people getting started with small sites or beginners.

PROS of Gator Website Builder

#1. Gator is a fully hosted platform, you have everything in one place. So, you don’t have to worry about updates, backup, or themes.

#2. Their website builder has over 200+ professional website design templates to choose from. Each design is easy to customize and configure using their builder.

#3. Their website builder is convenient to edit and customize the design. You can drag and drop essential elements like images, videos, photos, columns, text fields, contact forms, and maps.

#4. Includes built in stock photo library.

#5. All the paid plans of the Gator website builder come with a free custom domain for your website.

CONS of Gator Website Builder

#1. Unlike other website builders, the Gator website builder doesn’t have a free plan nor a free trial.

#2. Gator doesn’t have built in email marketing tools.


Gator has 3 paid plans. The Starter plan starts from $3.84 per month, Premium plan starts from $5.99 per month, and $9.22 per month for eCommerce plan.

10. 1&1 IONOS Website Builder

1&1 IONOS Website Builder gives you all tools you need to build your website

If you are looking to build a website for your small business then 1&1 IOSNIS does the job. It has all the essential features and tools you would need to build your small business website. How do they do it, well let’s find out? We will go through all of their features, details, pros, and cons below.

PROS of 1&1 IONIS website Builder

#1. The IOSINS website builder is a completely hosted website builder platform. It provides all the essential tools and features to build your website in one place.

#2. Includes a good customer support, with a hotline facility.

#3. Have a built-in backup facility, you can back up your work and restore whenever you like to use.

#3. Their templates are responsive so your website looks great on all devices.

#4. The best thing is, each plan comes with a free domain and branded email address.

CONS of 1&1 IONIS Website Builder

#1. The image archive containing over 20 million images is not up to the mark, their clarity is somewhat blurred which is not a good idea to add these kinds of images on a business website.

#2. Their Website builder doesn’t offer any integrated or third-party extensions to add some additional features to your website.

#3. There is a little complexity here, it is the way they designed like the website builder and online store are two separate products. If you want to start an online store then you need to use their online store builder.


There are three pricing plans to choose from. The essential plan costs $7 per month, and the upgrade of the Business plan costs $10 per month. And then the Pro plan costs $20 per month.

11. Ucraft

Ucraft is a block-based website builder, which means you build pages by stacking the blocks. It’s quite easy though.

Ucraft is a website builder meant to create business websites and landing pages both for newbies and advanced users. Their official website is a perfect demonstration of how the system’s features and tools can be put to use, because it is also developed with Ucraft.

PROS of Ucraft Website Builder

#1. The Ucraft website builder uses the block method to build pages. These blocks are completely customizable, you can add elements, remove elements, or design your own blocks.

#2. It comes with many templates, all these templates are mobile-friendly. Getting started to build a website just takes a few minutes.

#3. All the paid plans have the support for the eCommerce feature. The eCommerce feature supports almost 70% of the payment gateways, along with these it includes google fonts, multi-currency store options, coupons, and more.

#4. Ucraft can support to integrate with third-party extensions, to add additional functionality to your website. Such as help desk system, google analytics, live chat etc.

CONS of Ucraft Website Builder

#1. The Ucraft templates are not ready to use straight out of the box, there aren’t enough blocks configured in the templates. And sometimes the blocks needed to build from scratch and by doing a design tools upgrade.

#2. The plan and pricing varies on the number of products you add to your store, To add more than 50 products you will need the Pro shop plan.


Ucraft offers a free plan with limited features, you have to add your own domain for this to work out. Their paid plan starts from $10 per month for Pro Website, $21 per month for Pro Shop Website, and $39 per month for BigCommerce.

12. Strikingly Website Builder

Create professional single page websites for your business or getting more leads.

Strikingly offers an easy editor to build your website. The web site builder is specialized in making one-page websites, which are simple yet powerful for getting leads, presenting your business, or making sales. It just navigates up and down to various sections as you on the same page. If you are looking for a one-page website then go and give a try of this intuitive one-page website editor.

PROS of Strikingly Website Builder

#1. Strikingly offers a wide range of templates from various categories. They are specifically designed for business, like landing pages, and one-page templates.

#2. They offer best in class support, their support is fast and effective.

#3. Their website builder is easy to use, you can take advantage of the drag and drop functionality to build good web pages and customize them.

#4. The editor is great especially if you are building a single page website.

#5. There is a strikingly embed option, here you can simply add more functionality and features to your website. You don’t need to do any coding, just copy-paste the code from the third-party extension provider in the strikingly embeds. It’s ready to work. Some of those popular integrations are MailChimp, Disque’s comments, Live chat app, etc.

CONS of Strikingly Website Builder

#1. Limited free version, the free plan lets you build your website, access the editor but you are stuck at customization or adding your own code, etc.

#2. It’s a bit expensive, if you want to get rid of strikingly branding then you need to upgrade to Pro Plan.

#3. Their one page website is good but it’s quite difficult to optimize it for SEO.


Strikingly offers a free plan which gives access to the editor, it is enough to experience the editor and create a basic website. You can upgrade to the Limited plan starts at $8 which has a domain and online store for up to 5 products. Then there is Pro plan costs $16 and the VIP plan costs $49 per month which comes with almost all features strikingly has to offer.

13. Webnode Website Builder

Webnode is one of most used tool to build websites in multiple languages.

Webnode website builder has a cool advantage of offering support in multiple languages depending on the language you used to build your website. One more popping this is they have more than 30 million registered users, Webnode is one of the larger players in the website creation arena.

PROS of Webnode Website Builder

#1. Webnode has a good editor which allows them to edit their themes and templates with ease.

#2. Their website builder comes with a shopping cart.

#3. Their web builder has support for multiple languages, up to 20 of them I can say. The best thing they offer support in all of these languages.

#4. Easy to Optimize the site for SEO.

CONS of Webnode Website Builder

#1. The eCommerce option is available but the features are limited. It could have been better.

#2. Limited functions on certain features like blogging, and third party integrations.

#3. The website speed depends on the plan you chose. The highest plan has good bandwidth.


There is a free plan but its just a way to get your hands on the editor with the limited storage. It’s recommended to get a paid plan for having the essential features to build a website. Their paid plans start from $3.95 per month, the mini-plan costs $5.95 per month, the standard plan costs $11.95 per month and the profit plan costs $19.95.

14. JIMDO Website Builder

Jimdo provides the cheapest way to create and build an ad-free website.

It is one of the most used website builder for hosting websites worldwide. One can build easy to use website online for blogs, businesses, or an e-commerce site using the Jimdo platform without the need to code anything. Jimdo website builder has some unique features as it offers two completely different editors Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin.
Jimdo Creator is for those who want to build their website from scratch like adding your own contents to resize things and drag elements in different positions.
Jimdo Dolphin is a lot easy and quick as all you have to do is answer some questions on what kind of website you want and an intelligent assistant tool will prepare your website in no time.

PROS of Jimdo Website Builder

#1 Jimdo is very well organized with easy to use drag and drop functionality.

#2 The templates and designs are completely modernized, fully responsive and optimized for all kind of devices.

#3 Jimdo provides great support to its users as it is concise and to the point.

#4 Jimdo’s business plan has unlimited storage and it is also one of the fastest editors.

CONS of Jimdo Website Builder

#1 Jimdo has a nicely integrated online store but the problem is there is no credit card gateway available.

#2 There are some template restrictions which do not allow users to easily move things around

#3 There is no restore option in Jimdo and editing and arranging elements gives clunky feel.

#4 Jimdo is great for either personal or small business sites not if your main need is to sell online.


Jimdo’s free plan has all the basic features together with the subdomain. The Start plan is priced at $3.9/month which is perfect for personal projects. The Grow Plan is for professionals at $6.5/month with standard support. The Unlimited plan is priced at $16.25 with unlimited storage and priority support and thus serves as a complete toolbox for success.

15. Duda Website Builder

Duda is an impressive website builder that looks amazing on mobile.

Duda website builder is known as an all-inclusive website builder and provides everything that one needs to get started and host an amazing site. Whether you are a dentist or photographer, personal trainer, or restaurateur, Duda is perfect for the small or medium-sized entrepreneur. Duda offers several website templates you can customize, you can even build your own sections from scratch, making it a perfect solution for both DIYers with zero website experience and those who consider themselves a bit more advanced.

PROS of Duda Website Builder

#1 It is very easy to signup on the Duda website builder. Just enter your information and you are in, if you are using trial version then don’t have to pull out your credit card even.

#2 Duda website builder is simple to use and very flexible in terms of the extensive design it offers.

#3 Another benefit we found in Duda is the integration with AWS(Amazon Web Services). As your website is hosted on AWS, you get access to the best speed, security, and storage in the world

CONS of Duda Website Builder

#1 Duda is a venture-funded company so its business model could change at any moment. So if your thinking to use Duda for a long term project, you may have to think once again.

#2 Some menu bars on Duda website builder appears slightly offscreen which can be frustrating.

#3 You can’t actually access your files except through Duda, there are also chances that price change on AWS will effect on Duda.


Duda offers a free trial version for 14 days and provides plans at three levels – Basic, Team, and Agency. Basic plan pricing starts at $14/month with 1 website included and email support. The Team plan is priced at $22/month that provides your brand and logo on every platform together with client management features. The Agency plan is priced at $74/month where apart from the features of the above two plans you also get Extensible Widget Builder & Robust API.

16. Webs Website Builder

Webs is one of the longest standing website creator on the internet.

Webs is a website builder mainly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The drag-drop editor is very intuitive and allows you to build membership sites directly on its websites. This website builder also allows you to optimize all the basic SEO functions, such as titles and descriptions for your overall website. 

PROS of Webs Website Builder

#1 Webs is very affordable as compared to other website builders and your created website gets hosting at no additional costs.

#2 The website created easily integrates with other services and thus expands its functionality.

#3 It is very simple to use website builder and easily understandable and thus works well for small business owners.

CONS of Webs Website Builder

#1 Webs website builder is a bit outdated now as there have been no significant updates in the past many years.

#2 It does not have code editing options and lacks in customization features and thus not suitable for advanced users.

#3 The templates that you will find on Webs is very mediocre in creativity and design.


Webs website builder offers a free plan with limited features and no customer support but there is no time limit for using it. You can switch to other premium plans of Webs ie. Starter, Enhanced, and Pro for better features and customer support. Starter plan starts at $5.99/month with 1 GB storage, unlimited pages, free custom domain name together with email support. Enhanced plan costs around $12.99/month with 5 GB storage and email plus live chat support. The Pro plan of Webs is priced at $22.99/month with unlimited storage, premium themes, SEO booster and email, live chat, and phone support to its users.

17. ONE.COM Website Builder

One.com is the fastest loading website builder across the globe.

One.com website builders operate in more than 150 countries in the world. It provides various easy to use affordable plans that includes a site builder tool and the WordPress content management system. The templates found at one.com is modern, fully responsive, and thus enables ideal view conditions on mobile. One.com plan supports custom email addresses that come with webmail, calendar, spam, virus protection and is also advertisement free.

PROS of One.com Website Builder

#1 The best thing about the One.com website builder is its speed. The average load time of sites created through one.com is 495ms.

#2 One.com provides SSL certificate and unlimited email accounts even on basic plans.

#3 The support system is not very quick but it has email and live chat support 24/7 in multiple languages across the globe.

CONS of One.com Website Builder

#1 The average uptime of one.com website builder is 99.7% which is pathetic as it translates to 2 days of downtime in 24 months.

#2 One.com website builder seems impressive but is not compatible with hosting business sites.

#3 It has limited options on its base plan and does not provide phone support to the users.


One.com offers various plans for its customers. The basic or beginner plans start at $2.5/month that includes website builder, 50 GB of storage, and 100 mail accounts. The Explorer plan is for bloggers and entrepreneurs at the cost of $4/month with 100 GB of storage and 200 mail accounts. The most commonly used plan is Enthusiast for professionals at $5.5/month with 200 GB storage aIf you are just a beginner and want to create a website for personal and creative projects, I suggest to go for Jimdond 500 mail accounts. If you want to create a website for organizations, agency or businesses then go for Expert or Guru plan at $7.5 and $10/month respectively with more than 7 websites and advance security features.

Our Pick for The Best Website Builder

Whether you have some technical knowledge or you are just a newbie in the field of website development, it is always the best to choose a free website builder with all the required basic features to get a good hands-on at a beginner level and then upgrade whenever needed, so I would suggest to go for one of the cheapest website builder Wix.

If you are someone who is very creative and looking for the website builder that can provide the most amazing visual to people’s eyes then I suggest going for Squarespace. The websites built through Squarespace looks very professional and beautiful.

Are you someone who wants to build a website that loads really fast and has the best storage and security in the world, I suggest to go blindly for Duda.

Which website builder to choose?

If you are building a website for photography, promoting services, or with the nice design then go with Wix or Site123 (best option to start your website, or promoting online services, creativity, art, etc)

For eCommerce and business? then go with BigCommerce or Shopify ( these are the best for beginners and advanced )


Hi there, I am Surya, I am a Digital marketer and an IT Engineer, I spend most of my time on internet, here I help people to get successful in their online journey.

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