tips to thrive in your career

Best Tips to Thrive in Your Career

With the growing technology and advent of digital media today, being on the top of your career game is a must! Professional competition is also at its pinnacle with everyone striving to give their best performance at work. But, while working in an organisation, consistency in your work, mental fitness to handle work pressure, setbacks or any office politics is equally important. Your impressive interpersonal skills play a key role.

Hence, at thrive tips, we have listed some important tips to thrive in your career and reach your desired milestones successfully.

1. Know your goals

The first and foremost goal towards a successful career is being aware of the goals, you want to achieve. The goals can be short as well as small. You can write down your goals so that you are aware about of your career path. Choose one goal at a time so that you can give your 100 per cent to fulfil it.

2. Set priorities

Prioritising which goal to choose first is very important. Assign priorities to your goals and then choose the most important goal first.

3. Set and adhere to the deadlines

Now, assign deadlines to your goal and work sincerely towards it. Initially, it might be difficult to stand by your commitment and your mind might distract you, but do not give up! Make it a habit to at least work for two hours a day on your goal. Be patient.

4. Share your goals with your Reporting Manager

Talking about your goals with your Reporting manager is very important. Once you are confident about your goal, talk about it with your Reporting manager. Share your ideas and plan of  action in a convincing way to leave a lasting impression. You can also practice about this meeting! Once your Reporting Manager knows about your goals, you can wait patiently for your ideas to get approved. Meanwhile, continue working on your ideas.

5. Do not disclose your ideas with colleagues

Do not discuss your ideas with your colleagues. Yes, it is the rule of competition as your ideas can be stolen. Another mishap of discussing goals is that if you do not emerge successful, you can end up making a fool of yourself. Hence, be tight-lipped about your goals.

6. Be consistent in your work

Consistency is one of the key tools for a successful career. We all set goals, discuss them and even start working on them, but a very few actually consistently work on them. But, it is very important to be consistent in your work to not only boost your morale of heading positively towards your goals, but also making your Reporting Head instil faith in you and your goals upon seeing your dedication. Do discuss your progress as take feedback of your Manager.

7. Be vocal during team meetings

Make your voice known during team meetings by sharing your ideas, opinions and how can you add to the success of the company.

8. Applaud teammates for their work

Applauding any achievement of your team members is a positive code of conduct for enhancing healthy work relationships.

9. Don’t forget to pat yourself

While you appreciate others, acknowledging your work is also important. Practice self motivation and self appreciation daily and award yourself on your every acknowledgement. But, stay grounded and do not get overboard by success and let it spoil or deviate you from your goal.

10. Let your passion be inspiring!

Lastly, be sporting and passionate about your work and let it inspire others.


Hi there, I am Surya, I am a Digital marketer and an IT Engineer, I spend most of my time on internet, here I help people to get successful in their online journey.

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